Award Winning Author Gwyneth Bolton

Make It Last Forever

Make It Last Forever Kimani Press, Harlequin
ISBN-10: 0373861745
ISBN-13: 978-0373861743
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
August 2010

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"Gwyneth Bolton weaves a timeless tale of love in MAKE IT LAST FOREVER. With characters that you'll instantly fall for Ms. Bolton takes us on a journey unlike any experienced before. I've loved this story since reading the first words, definitely Ms. Bolton's finest work."
— A. C. Arthur, Award-winning Author

Endless Passion...
Karen Williams has never been a big believer in fate. As she fights to make her neighborhood a safer place, her motto is determination, not destiny. But from the moment they meet, the community activist feels an instant, powerful connection to searingly sexy Darius (D-Roc) Rollins. And when they share a soul-stirring kiss, she knows their passion is meant to be.

Timeless Love...
Darius came up the hard way. Now the celebrated rapper and up-and-coming Hollywood star has returned to his 'hood, determined to give something back. Yet he could swear he's met beautiful Karen before. He remembers everything about her, especially the way she feels in his arms. She may be a woman on a mission, but he's a man with a plan: to surrender to the love that's taking them beyond anything they've ever known.

Dear Reader,

Have you ever felt a sense of déjà vu? Has your soul ever reached out to someone like it knew the person? Have you ever meet someone for the first time and knew immediately that person was meant to be in your life forever? Community activist Karen Williams and rapper/movie star Darius "D-Roc" Rollins experience these feelings when a tragedy brings them together. Their souls seem to speak to one another and call out to one another even as everything in their everyday lives tells them they have absolutely nothing in common. At its core, this novel flips the script on the old adage that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It gives that old adage an extended-play-hip-hop remix by asking what happens when the same person comes into your life across several lifetimes? Can we really make love last forever? I hope you enjoy Darius and Karen's story. Be sure to let me know what you think of it!


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Make It Last Forever

Karen leaned back and tried to calm the rapid almost erratic beating of her heart. It had been all she could manage just to string words together to speak to D-Roc. While she had never been one to be star struck or anything like that, she figured that must have been the reason why her skin felt clammy and all the air seemed to be gone. She was damn near hyperventilating because she had seen a rap star.

No, that couldn't be it. She had been around rappers before. Her now deceased best friend had been a rapper and she'd hung out with Shemar and other rappers lots of times. But she had never been around D-Roc. And now she wondered how in the heck she was going to manage being around him if he managed to sweet talk her into letting him volunteer at the center.

The brother was fine. She had seen his shirtless, perfectly chiseled torso on countless magazine covers and it always made her stop and gaze longingly. And the photos of the ripples and muscles in his chest and those bulging biceps of his always had a way of making her heart rate rise. But she had no idea that seeing the man in person, fully clothed would almost send her into heart failure! Good lord! The man gave new meaning to the phrase sex appeal.

But it was more than that. Something deep inside of her was calling out to him. She felt it as sure as she ever felt anything in her life. And that scared her.

Locking up the center, she started off down the block to the bus stop. The evening walk usually gave her a fair amount of time to clear her head, especially in the summer. Yet this evening the only thing her mind wanted to focus on was D-Roc. On second thought, she wished it was only her mind stuck on the rapper/actor.

Seeing him did something weird to her. Her heart felt—funny. Her soul felt—light, almost airy. And the other physical reactions… the dampness that made her wish she'd worn a panty liner, and the tight ache in her nipples… She wasn't even trying to analyze those. She was not some groupie chicken-head, but she swore it took everything inside of her not to run up on the brother and tongue him down.

Not cool.

"I know you not gonna walk home at this hour of the night?" The deep and sexy voice that came from behind her would have made her break off running on any other evening.

She turned and got caught up in the deep brown eyes of Darius Rollins. The lopsided grin that highlighted the dimple in his left cheek didn't help matters. She made an effort not to look down, because she knew it would only compound matters due to his toned and muscular physique.

"Can I give you a lift?"