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Rivals in ParadiseJune 2010 » RIVALS IN PARADISE is now available for pre-order! Be sure to order your copy soon so you can get it hot off the press in November!

The Law of DesireMay 2010 » Gwyneth won five Emma Awards at this year's Romance Slam Jam! She took home the awards for Best Sequel (SIZZLING SEDUCTION); Best Romance of the Year (THE LAW OF DESIRE); Favorite Hero (Patrick Hightower, SIZZLING SEDUCTION); MAKE IT HOT Favorite Heroine (Samantha Dash, MAKE IT HOT); and Author of the Year. She still can't believe she won! And she is so humbled that people really enjoyed the Hightower Honors Series.

Gwyneth's April 2011 release has a title, AT FIRST KISS. This is Troy Singleton and Jazz Stewart's story and will complete the Hip-Hop Debutantes Trilogy.

Rivals in ParadiseFebruary 2010 » The hot new cover is out for Gwyneth's November 2010 release, RIVALS IN PARADISE, along with a very tempting cover blurb!

Sizzling SeductionGwyneth has been nominated for eleven Emma Awards including "Author of the Year."

SIZZLING SEDUCTION made the cut and was named in EDC Creations Best Books 2009!

January 2010 » The hot new cover is available for Gwyneth's August 2010 release MAKE IT LAST FOREVER and hot is the appropriate word. MAKE IT LAST FOREVER will be a part of Kimani's year-long promotional series where it's all about the heroes. Each month there will be a hot, sexy, bare-chested, chiseled new hero highlighted on the Kimani Romance covers and in August, Darius from MAKE IT LAST FOREVER is the featured Kimani Hottie!

SIZZLING SEDUCTION is still getting great reviews. It was ranked a TRR Favorite by the RAWSISTAZ Reviewers and received a 5 out of 5 Top Shelf Rating from the Urban-Reviewers.

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Available August 2010

Make It Last Forever DEAR READER,
Have you ever felt a sense of déjà vu? Has your soul ever reached out to someone like it knew the person? Have you ever meet someone for the first time and knew immediately that person was meant to be in your life forever? Community activist Karen Williams and rapper/movie star Darius "D-Roc" Rollins experience these feelings when a tragedy brings them together. Their souls seem to speak to one another and call out to one another even as everything in their everyday lives tells them they have absolutely nothing in common. At its core, this novel flips the script on the old adage that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It gives that old adage an extended-play-hip-hop remix by asking what happens when the same person comes into your life across several lifetimes? Can we really make love last forever? I hope you enjoy Darius and Karen's story. Be sure to let me know what you think of it! ~Gwyneth

Endless Passion...
Karen Williams has never been a big believer in fate. As she fights to make her neighborhood a safer place, her motto is determination, not destiny. But from the moment they meet, the community activist feels an instant, powerful connection to searingly sexy Darius (D-Roc) Rollins. And when they share a soul-stirring kiss, she knows their passion is meant to be.

Timeless Love...
Darius came up the hard way. Now the celebrated rapper and up-and-coming Hollywood star has returned to his 'hood, determined to give something back. Yet he could swear he's met beautiful Karen before. He remembers everything about her, especially the way she feels in his arms. She may be a woman on a mission, but he's a man with a plan: to surrender to the love that's taking them beyond anything they've ever known.

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Available November 2010

Rivals in Paradise Settling scores has never been this hot...

Cicely Stevens needs the vacation of a lifetime. After being cheated on by her boyfriend and passed over for a promotion, she's off to the Caribbean for a weekend of hot island fun. And there's no sexier bad boy than her old college rival Chase Yearwood, who's on the same plane en route to his lush estate...and whose kiss Cicely never forgot. When he takes her in his arms again, he's more irresistible than ever. But will she lose her heart before this fling is flung?

They call him the "Wolf" because of his legendary skills in the boardroom—and the bedroom. Now is Chase's chance to even the score with the woman who once beat him at his own game. But can rivals in business become passionate partners in love? Under a romantic tropical moon, he'll seduce her with a passion that will have her begging for more!

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Sizzling Seduction

Hightower Honors
Four brothers on a mission to protect, serve, and love....

"An adorable young matchmaker, a couple blindsided by love and a bad guy that readers will despise with a passion make this story one to remember."
— Debbie R. Sims, Romantic Times Book Review, 4 Stars

Some like it hot...

Firefighter Patrick Hightower will take any risk in the line of duty. Risking his heart again? That's something he's vowed never to do. He prefers scorching affairs—the briefer, the better—though he might make a temporary exception for smart, sexy teacher Aisha Miller. But Aisha isn't interested in exploring their instant, searing connection-no matter how much she feels the heat.

Aisha has had enough of dominant men trying to control her life, and the gorgeous firefighter who visits her kindergarten class is alpha male through and through. Yet the gentler side Patrick shows, especially around her young son, gradually melts her reserve. As shadows from Aisha's past resurface, she'll discover just how far Patrick will go to prove she's found her real-life hero.

Available October 2009
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